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  •  Date of update:2020-06-20
  •  Date of inspection:2023-03-20

I. Services

  1. Skills Certification
  2. Skills Competition

II.Service Philosophy

  1. Convenient for the public: Combining the information system, simplifying inquiry and registration procedures to provide the fastest, widest, and deepest service.
  2. The public first: Promoting full functional one-stop window, and immediately responding to diversified public demand.
  3. Innovation and improvement: Action team with originality and stressing innovation, alteration, and improvement to promote service quality.


Skill tests are ones of the motive powers of the development of modern commerce and industries. The reason why the industries of advanced countries always lead the world is actually because those advanced countries had already established the skills system. Since the industrial structure of our country is developing toward high-tech industry, skills needed by all the enterprises are getting more and more professional; therefore, the skills certification system will be an inevitable trend.

  1. Establishing related mechanism of professional bodies to promote and conduct professional skills certifications.
  2. Promoting the participation of industries and enlarging their participating levels to make skill tests conform to industrial demand and effectively promote the substantial efficacy.
  3. Connecting the technician certifications with international ones on a reciprocal basis to get mutual recognition among corresponds to promote the movement of international labor force.