Skill Evaluation Center of Workforce Development Agency,Ministry of Labor


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  •  Last Updated:2018-09-19
  •  Count the date:2019-05-13

We set up a system of the sustainable, open, and systematic service team, which actively keeps promoting the business of skill tests, in a bid to reach the following goals:

  1. Bettering the regulations of skill tests to establish a just, open, and fair skill test environment;
  2. Matching the policies to actively create new skill categories to meet the demand of society;
  3. Strengthening supervision and auditing to establish just, fair, and open operating mechanism to promote the central value of public reliability of skill test;
  4. Integrating the methods of conducting skill tests to prevent the drawbacks from happening and to save human resources effectively;
  5. Establishing complete systematic database, managing it effectively and doveloping overall computer data processing functions to promote the efficacy of service.